Personally sponsor at least 3 Preferred Customers whose Auto-Delivery Order totals the same amount or more than your Auto-Delivery Order, and your order is FREE!


Rules & Regulations:

All Brand Partners and Preferred Customers can participate in the 3UR Free program. You will receive free product every month, starting the month after you have

• An Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) of 80 PQV or greater
• Three (3) or more personally sponsored Preferred Customers with an ADO

The total Auto-Delivery Volume (ADV) of your personally sponsored Preferred Customers must be 3 times the ADV of your order. For example, if the total ADV of your personally sponsored Preferred Customers is 480, then you can receive up to 160 ADV for free (you pay shipping and handling only). This is not a cash discount, so your product total ADV must be 160 ADV or less. You can earn up to a total of 250 ADV free every month!



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