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FACTS: How the skin works – How Nerium works

How Does NeriumAD Work?

If you’re asking this question, perhaps you have come to realize what a marvelous product NeriumAD is because you have seen your appearance change. NeriumAD is a blend of some of the most effective ingredients in the skincare industry, already known to show age defying benefits. Added to that blend is the revolutionary NAE-8 extract, which has been clinically proven incredibly effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, texture and helping the skin look as silky and smooth as possible.  As a cosmetic product and making every effort to stay in compliance with the FDA, we cannot make reference to any physical change that may be perceived when using the product.  Any discussion about physical changing of the skin crosses the line as far as the FDA is concerned; therefore, you will not find any reference to that. We are thrilled to see so many satisfied NeriumAD users who are thrilled with the Real Results they are obtaining!

It is never our intention to  keep Brand Partners in the dark about any element of NeriumAD. It is very important to understand our classification as a cosmetic product. The products that are allowed to discuss actual changes in the skin, such as ones found in dermatologist offices (or even some found in drug stores), are ones that are filed as OTC products. This is what allows them to discuss any actual cellular changes in the skin. NeriumAD is in the cosmetic class which is not allowed to do so.

We will always operate in integrity, and part of operating in integrity is following the guidelines set before us by governing regulatory agencies. Each ingredient in NeriumAD is disclosed, and claims such as “Cruelty-Free”  relate to the product as a whole, which includes all ingredients. In short, NeriumAD includes many known anti-aging ingredients such as aloe and proteins, in addition to the NAE-8 extract which has been clinically proven to not only produce incredible age-defying benefits on its own, but also act as a catalyst to the other known age-defying ingredients.

The Before & After Pictures Speak For Themselves!

nerium before and after



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