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How to sell Nerium AD

How to be successful selling Nerium AD

I am looking for like minded individuals who would like to achieve success with Nerium International. I am seeking core team members to join me in building one of the most successful teams in the company!

  • ongoing education
  • training
  • company/team specific ad co-ops
  • team training calls
  • personal team website
  • support
  • online Real Results Party Webinars
  • an online community
  • and more!

How to sell Nerium:

As a part of our team you will learn how to sell Nerium online so you can build your business without having to hit up family and friends. I will provide you with all the tools and guidance you need to effectively market Nerium online.

How much does it cost to sell NeriumAD:

All launch Kits include the following marketing materials:
• Personalized Marketing Websites
• Nerium Success Planner
• 2 Experience NeriumAD DiscBrochures
• 25 Product Brochures
• Live Better DiscBrochure
• Success from Home Magazine
• The Nerium Experience Presentation Flipbook
• Nerium Success Training 3-CD Set by Jeff Olson
• Real Results Party Presentation DVD
• The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
• Jim Rohn and Robert Kiyosaki CDs
• Additional Marketing Materials

nerium kits

OPTION 3: Brand Partner Launch Kit: Includes all marketing materials listed above. – $99.95

How to market Nerium:

I will provide you with all the tools you need to sell nerium and market your Nerium business online. Please note: These tools are only available to members of my team.

How to join Nerium:

To join my Nerium Team click here.

How to make money with Nerium:

Watch this brief overview of the Nerium compensation plan to learn more about how we make money!

The bottom line is that as a part of our team you are no longer working alone… you are part of a team that cares about your success as you do!




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