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Nerium AD Safety – Nerium Toxic? Is Nerium AD Safe?

Learn more about the safety of Nerium and using Nerium AD:

NeriumAD Safety Panel Presentation/Discussion:

The panelists included five independent MD, Pediatric MD, PhD, PharmD, and professors of Pharmacology and Toxicology, one a former Medical Officer for the Food and Drug Administration. Needless to say, it is a very distinguished panel with the ability and credibility to speak to safety. The presentation/discussion included the review of Dr. Newman’s research and ST&T clinical data, a review of the data base of the American Association of Poison Control Centers as it relates to Nerium oleander, comments about the confusion associated with the generic term “oleander,” comments about what is credible information on the Internet and myths about Nerium oleander, toxicity of NeriumAD as it relates to children, comparison to other safe products that contain toxic compounds, and the final consensus on the safety of NeriumAD. The conclusion of the panel was that NeriumAD was safe.

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